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How the Security Council Can Fight Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Oped by Nick Grono and James Cockayne in Huffington Post.   14 December 2015.  Link here. Photo credit: Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images This Wednesday, the UN Security Council will for the first time ever discuss human trafficking in conflict situations. This is a very welcome development, because, while slavery is illegal everywhere, several armed groups […]

The Deterrent Effect of the ICC on the Commission of International Crimes by Government Leaders

Chapter by Nick Grono and Anna de Courcy Wheeler in “The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court”, published by Oxford University Press, 2015. This chapter (at page 1225), in the book “The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court”, explores a growing body of evidence that suggests national leaders are aware of […]

The deterrent effect of the ICC on the commission of international crimes by government leaders

Presentation prepared by Nick Grono, Deputy President and COO, and Anna de Courcy Wheeler, Research Analyst, International Crisis Group, for the conference “The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court: Achievements, Impact and Challenges”at the Peace Palace, the Hague on 26 September 2012. The ICC’s first decade has seen broad claims made about the […]

Afghanistan’s Injustice System

Opinion piece in Foreign Policy. Afghanistan is ruled not by law, but by power and patronage. The absence of the rule of law fuels the country’s savage insurgency. When citizens can’t rely on the state to protect them against systemic abuses, then rebellion becomes a far more attractive option. Tragically, in Afghanistan the abusers, more […]

Rule of Law and the Justice System in Afghanistan

Presentation by Nick Grono at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London Tuesday 26 April 2011. Afghanistan’s justice system is in a catastrophic state of disrepair. The majority of Afghans still have little or no access to judicial institutions. Judicial institutions have withered to near non-existence and the lack of justice has destabilised the country. Many […]

Prosecuting Taliban War Criminals

Opinion piece in the International Herald Tribune by Nick Grono and Candace Rondeaux. Trying to make sense of Afghan politics does not get any easier with the recent arrest of the senior Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Pakistan. Many view the capture of the Taliban No. 2, Mullah Omar’s deputy, as a boon […]

Dealing with brutal Afghan warlords is a mistake

Opinion piece in the Boston Globe by Nick Grono and Candace Rondeaux. AS WASHINGTON rolls out its latest troop surge in Afghanistan, all eyes are on the violent south and east of the country to see whether the additional military muscle will bring stability. But outside observers are looking in the wrong place: They ought […]