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Remarks by Nick Grono to UN Security Council during debate on Human Trafficking in Situations of Conflict

The UN Security Council debate on 16 December 2015 on Trafficking in Persons in Situations in Conflict was the first time that the Security Council has ever held a hearing on the issue of human trafficking and modern slavery. Our CEO Nick Grono was one of two non-UN experts asked to brief the Council. The […]

How the Security Council Can Fight Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Oped by Nick Grono and James Cockayne in Huffington Post.   14 December 2015.  Link here. Photo credit: Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images This Wednesday, the UN Security Council will for the first time ever discuss human trafficking in conflict situations. This is a very welcome development, because, while slavery is illegal everywhere, several armed groups […]

How Can We End Modern Slavery by 2030?

Oped by Nick Grono and James Cockayne in Huffington Post.   2 December 2015. Link here. Photo credit: Hussein Malla/AP/Corbis On 2 December, the world marks the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. That might suggest that slavery is a thing of the past – but tragically, it is not. Slavery still thrives around […]

Cotton Exporters Force Child Labor

http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/world/2013/02/21/cfp-pkg-clancy-uzbek-cotton.cnn.    Excellent CNN story on Uzbek govt use of forced labour to pick cotton. Now follow-up required on those retailers who source cotton from Uzbekistan, or take insufficient steps to ensure there is no Uzbek cotton in their supply chains.

I’m with Lincoln

Powerful and disturbing video on sex trafficking, by Made in a Free World (madeinafreeworld.com)

Activists urge Nintendo to keep slavery-free

Article on GMA Online. February 1, 2013 10:37pm.  Activists are taking square aim at Nintendo, taking to Japanese gaming giant’s Facebook page for assurance it is not using slave-mined minerals from Congo. Walk Free Campaigns Director Debra Rosen said thousands of anti-slavery activists worldwide had demanded that Nintendo audit its supply chain to make sure […]

Europe should lead the fight against modern slavery

Opinion piece in E!Sharp. Uttar Pradesh. Life as a bonded labourer in a northern Indian stone quarry is nasty, brutish and often short. 14 hour days are spent breaking rocks into gravel and sand and loading up trucks. Whole families are pressed into service, with children starting their working lives as young as 6 or […]