Oped in Huffington Post, with Duncan Jepson, Jul 26, 2016.   Trafficking and slavery are really crimes of many crimes. Take, for example, a young woman from Eastern Europe woman trafficked and forced to work in a British brothel. In trafficking her, the perpetrators will have committed deceit, fraud, smuggling, kidnapping, violent assault, false imprisonment, money […]

Oped in the Huffington post, Jul 16, 2016  Modern slavery is currently receiving unprecedented attention from political and religious leaders, and in the international media. Yet for all this welcome attention, we can’t answer the most basic question about this horrendous crime – namely, is it increasing or falling around the world? Measuring Slavery Encourages […]

Article in the Journal of International Criminal Justice, Oxford University Press, 28 April 2016, co-authored with James Cockayne. The tragic reality is that despite the age, breadth and depth of international obligations to prevent, criminalize and punish slavery crimes, these practices not only persist but even remain un-criminalized in many countries. The gap here between […]

Oped in The Guardian, 2 February 2016. I met six-year-old Mustafa in the safe zone of one of the many tented settlements for Syrian refugees in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley. These areas offer schooling, including art and music classes, for Syrian children. They provide a respite from the brutal realities of life as a refugee, which […]

Oped with Martina Vandenberg on CNN website on 8 January 2016. “The dirty secret of today’s human trafficking is that almost no one is held accountable. Modern-day slavery, particularly in the transnational supply chains of major international corporations, is too often a risk-free proposition… A network of private lawyers, many working pro bono, has grown […]

The UN Security Council debate on 16 December 2015 on Trafficking in Persons in Situations in Conflict was the first time that the Security Council has ever held a hearing on the issue of human trafficking and modern slavery. Our CEO Nick Grono was one of two non-UN experts asked to brief the Council. The […]

Freedom Fund blog post by Nick Grono.  14 December 2015. By the end of this month, the Freedom Fund will have been in operation for two very busy years. In that time, working with our committed frontline partners in India, Nepal, Ethiopia and Thailand, we will have: liberated 4,761 men, women and children from slavery […]