Oped in CNN International. (CNN) Try and imagine, if you can, an existence where every important decision in your life is controlled by someone else. An existence where the only concern of the person exploiting you is to make as much profit as possible from your labor or your body. An existence where you and your […]

Oped in Huffington Post on 12 August 2015. Impact measurement is at the top of the agenda right across the philanthropic sector. Every organisation wants to be able to measure its impact, both because that’s the only way to truly learn, and because a new breed of business-minded donors are asking hard questions about what […]

Chapter by Nick Grono and Anna de Courcy Wheeler in “The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court”, published by Oxford University Press, 2015. This chapter (at page 1225), in the book “The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court”, explores a growing body of evidence that suggests national leaders are aware of […]

Thomson Reuters Foundation. Modern slavery generates profits of $150 billion a year for its perpetrators, who unconscionably exploit vulnerable children, women and men around the world for financial gain. Yet the resources devoted to combat this most evil of crimes are paltry compared to the scale of the atrocity. This is despite the fact that slavery is a crime under international law, and […]

By Nick Grono, South China Morning Post, 15 June 2015. Nick Grono says global funders and organisations must partner local groups to aid victims of trafficking, and put pressure on retailers and governments to enact change Aung is a farmer from Myanmar who ended up enslaved on a Thai fishing boat for two years. His […]

By Nick Grono. The Economist. 13 March 2015 “Ending bonded labour will require economic as well as legal measures, says Beate Andrees of the ILO. Those desperate enough to get into debt for the chance of a job need better options, and long-standing recruitment practices must change. But she also hopes to see some “strategic […]

By Nick Grono. Huffington Post. 8 March 2015 On International Women’s Day we rightly celebrate all that has been achieved for women’s rights globally. But we must also openly acknowledge that so much more is required to achieve and maintain real equality, particularly in those countries and environments where women’s rights are routinely ignored or […]