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Remarks by Nick Grono to UN Security Council during debate on Human Trafficking in Situations of Conflict

The UN Security Council debate on 16 December 2015 on Trafficking in Persons in Situations in Conflict was the first time that the Security Council has ever held a hearing on the issue of human trafficking and modern slavery. Our CEO Nick Grono was one of two non-UN experts asked to brief the Council. The […]

Breaking the Back of Modern Slavery – Our Progress to Date

Freedom Fund blog post by Nick Grono.  14 December 2015. By the end of this month, the Freedom Fund will have been in operation for two very busy years. In that time, working with our committed frontline partners in India, Nepal, Ethiopia and Thailand, we will have: liberated 4,761 men, women and children from slavery […]

Launch of the Global Freedom Fund at the Vatican

I’m reposting this photo from November. The launch of the Global Freedom Network today at the Vatican is the culmination of many months of meetings with representatives of global faiths, to bring them together to fight for the end of modern slavery.

Australian PM’s comments on Walk Free and its founders

Extracted from speech by Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, on 8 March 2013, on International Women’s Day. Prime Minister Julia Gillard: “It’s hard to imagine from the safety and comfort we know, yet slavery still exists in our world and in our land. The setting is different than it once was. Today the people forced […]

Australian Prime Minister commits government to fight modern slavery

Speech by Prime Minister Julia Gillard on occasion of International Women’s Day. FRI 08 MARCH 2013 Prime Minister Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre [ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS OMITTED] I acknowledge each of you – the women drawn here by the power of this day. You are women of achievement. Women who reach out to shape the future. This […]

Cotton Exporters Force Child Labor    Excellent CNN story on Uzbek govt use of forced labour to pick cotton. Now follow-up required on those retailers who source cotton from Uzbekistan, or take insufficient steps to ensure there is no Uzbek cotton in their supply chains.

I’m with Lincoln

Powerful and disturbing video on sex trafficking, by Made in a Free World (