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Australia should lead in the fight against modern slavery

Oped by Nick Grono in The Interpreter on 16 October 2017. No state can effectively tackle slavery on its own, but the good news is that we already know quite a bit about the steps needed to tackle this crime. And Australia is well placed to play a global leadership role in this fight against […]

Blood Money

Article published in Philanthropy Age, 14 February 2017. Slavery is a $150bn industry built on the misery and suffering of human beings. Nick Grono, CEO of the Freedom Fund, argues that with more people championing the anti-slavery fight we can – and must – do more to help the estimated 46 million men, women and […]

Slavery and the Limits of International Criminal Justice

Article in the Journal of International Criminal Justice, Oxford University Press, 28 April 2016, co-authored with James Cockayne. The tragic reality is that despite the age, breadth and depth of international obligations to prevent, criminalize and punish slavery crimes, these practices not only persist but even remain un-criminalized in many countries. The gap here between […]

The Deterrent Effect of the ICC on the Commission of International Crimes by Government Leaders

Chapter by Nick Grono and Anna de Courcy Wheeler in “The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court”, published by Oxford University Press, 2015. This chapter (at page 1225), in the book “The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court”, explores a growing body of evidence that suggests national leaders are aware of […]

Financing the Fight Against Modern Slavery

Thomson Reuters Foundation. Modern slavery generates profits of $150 billion a year for its perpetrators, who unconscionably exploit vulnerable children, women and men around the world for financial gain. Yet the resources devoted to combat this most evil of crimes are paltry compared to the scale of the atrocity. This is despite the fact that slavery is a crime under international law, and […]

Everywhere in (supply) chains

By Nick Grono. The Economist. 13 March 2015 “Ending bonded labour will require economic as well as legal measures, says Beate Andrees of the ILO. Those desperate enough to get into debt for the chance of a job need better options, and long-standing recruitment practices must change. But she also hopes to see some “strategic […]

A New Approach to Fighting Modern Slavery

My blog post in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on 30 September. A new effort to eradicate slavery is showing success—and may provide a model for other complex human rights and social justice issues. Read the full post here.