Slavery at Sea

My oped in the Huffington Post.  Slavery touches us all, no matter where we live or how law-abiding we are. It is found in the clothes we wear, the products we buy and the food we eat.

This has been underlined in the last few weeks by a series of powerful investigations into the horrors of the Thai fishing industry, a $7-billion business that provides seafood sold in major stores such as Walmart, Costco and Tesco across North America and Europe. They have documented in terrible detail the widespread use of forced labor on fishing boats and the inhumane treatment of crew from neighboring countries like Cambodia and Myanmar.

The investigation found that thousands of men and boys are sold by traffickers to those operating Thai fishing fleets. They are forced to work, for little or no pay, on boats that can remain at sea for up to two years at a time.


Read the rest of the blog on Slavery at Sea in the Huffington Post.




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