Media coverage of forced labour: exposing Britain’s hidden crime

The Guardian. Article by Jonathan Paige, 25 July.

“Then there’s the issue of newsworthiness. Ultimately, newspapers are commercial organisations and if editors don’t think a story will sell, they won’t run it. Many of the sex trafficking articles indexed were about the Rochdale trafficking ring, in which 47 young girls were forced into sexual slavery. The details of the case were so troubling and the number of victims so large that it generated a huge amount of interest.

“Obviously, it’s important to understand that media reporting is based on what is ‘newsworthy’,” says Nick Grono, the CEO of Walk Free.

“The tragedy of modern slavery is certainly newsworthy and worth reporting on, but unfortunately, because it is such a hidden crime, it often takes an immense amount of resources to support investigative journalists. The other issue is that access to survivors is sometimes difficult, and it is their voices that play a huge part in pushing a story into the mainstream.”

Full article at:


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