Oped on CNN.com by Nick Grono, 17 January 2018. Born to a desperately poor family in rural Nepal, Alina was just five years old when she was forced to work as a maid in her village. She endured long hours of hard labor without breaks, and was physically and verbally abused. She received no schooling. […]

Oped by Nick Grono in The Interpreter on 16 October 2017. No state can effectively tackle slavery on its own, but the good news is that we already know quite a bit about the steps needed to tackle this crime. And Australia is well placed to play a global leadership role in this fight against […]

Oped by Nick Grono in the Huffington Post on 11 October 2017. Measuring modern slavery is hard. The data is hidden and difficult to get at. And despite big progress in recent years, there is still much dispute over what is being measured and how it should be measured. That’s why the new Global Estimates […]

Oped in Huffington Post, Sept 23 2017. Tackling forced labour in corporate supply chains is difficult, particularly when those supply chains span continents and extend down multiple tiers. To do so successfully requires real commitment from companies, and robust and sophisticated policies rigorously applied, with transparency and vigilance.   We Need Action, Not Slogans, to […]

Oped in Thomson Reuters Foundation Trust Blog, Mar 8, 2017.   China’s one child policy, and the preference of parents for boys, means that by 2025-2030, an estimated 22 to 30 million Chinese men will be unable to find women to marry. This is creating a huge demand for foreign “wives”. And this demand is being […]

Article published in Philanthropy Age, 14 February 2017. Slavery is a $150bn industry built on the misery and suffering of human beings. Nick Grono, CEO of the Freedom Fund, argues that with more people championing the anti-slavery fight we can – and must – do more to help the estimated 46 million men, women and […]

Oped in the Huffington Post, Jan 12, 2017.    As the UK government recasts its international role following the Brexit vote, it should draw on the country’s proud abolitionist history to lead global efforts to encourage businesses to eliminate slavery and forced labour from their supply chains. This would give practical effect to Theresa May’s […]