My blog post in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on 30 September. A new effort to eradicate slavery is showing success—and may provide a model for other complex human rights and social justice issues. Read the full post here.

My oped in ConservativeHome. What we need now is a new abolitionist movement to end slavery.  And consumers, governments and businesses all have an important role to play in this new movement – that’s one of the key lessons from Clarkson’s 20 year campaign to end the slave trade. Read the rest of the oped […]

My letter to the editor of the New York Times. The State Department is to be congratulated for sending a strong message to the Thai government that it must end slavery in its seafood industry. Even allies must learn that turning a blind eye to human trafficking has costs and consequences. Read the rest of […]


My oped in the Huffington Post.  Slavery touches us all, no matter where we live or how law-abiding we are. It is found in the clothes we wear, the products we buy and the food we eat. This has been underlined in the last few weeks by a series of powerful investigations into the horrors […]

My oped on forced labour in the Huffington Post. We have long known that modern slavery was extensive and hugely profitable. But the latest authoritative report from the International Labor Organization shows that we have been badly under-estimating just what big business this evil is.

Nick Grono meeting with Pope Francis 1 November 2013

I’m reposting this photo from November. The launch of the Global Freedom Network today at the Vatican is the culmination of many months of meetings with representatives of global faiths, to bring them together to fight for the end of modern slavery.

VATICAN CITY, March 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking across the world by 2020 is the objective of a ground-breaking agreement announced today at the Vatican. This unprecedented agreement among representatives of major faiths inaugurates the Global Freedom Network (GFN) which also has the Walk Free Foundation as a major partner. [1] The Memorandum of […]


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